About Gene Skellig

Gene Skellig grew up in Vancouver before moving on to a career as an Air Force pilot. His career has taken him around the world with his more memorable deployments including Russia, the Persian Gulf, England, Australia, Greenland, various locations in the US and the Canadian Arctic. As a civilian, he has worked as a carpenter, an ESL English teacher in Vancouver and in Japan and as a commercial & medevac pilot in northern Alberta. With a degree in philosophy and a few years of engineering school and other disciplines, Gene has a wide range of academic and real-life experiences. Now, on the verge of retirement and transition to a semi-retired lifestyle of writing and publishing books, Gene can finally put on paper some of the more memorable and inspirational experiences and people he has encountered in his adventures. What motivates Gene most, however, is his profound belief that embracing and exploring the universe - celebrating life and the people he encounters - is the true meaning of life. When he is not busy with his wife and kids, Gene pursues his many interests, including: Climate Science, Ecology, Economics, Alternative Land-use Planning, Architecture, Geopolitics, Military History, Aviation, Geology and Gold Mining.